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Fashion Editorials LIMS

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Select Members , Moderated
Rules and Intro
Welcome to fashioned_lims,a LIMS(last icon maker standing) community based on fashion editorials.
Your mod is lovelydecoy

(taken from meesterlims and slightly modified)

First, you have to JOIN the community to participate.
Then, sign-up for participation here

In the beginning of each challenge each participant is given 1 skip.You can earn one extra skip if you pimp this community.(Your journal and your communities only!)
After promoting please post the link in the skip-post/sign-up post of the session.
If you used all your skips and/or didn't enter, you're disqualified.
You cant use your skips for the first round

For each round (except the final) you'll have to submit ONE icon.
It must be made especially for that challenge and not made beforehand.
The icon must be made using the images provide, unless stated otherwise.
It should adhere to LJ size-constraints (100x100 px, no more then 40 kb).
All effects (such as blend, crop, coloring etc) are allowed except animation, unless stated otherwise.
At the end of each round 2 or 1 (depends on the number of participants) participant(s) will be eliminated.
Also we'll have People's choice and Mod's choice. People who win in these categories get banners.
When only 3 finalists are left, the votes they received in the previous challenge doesnt count anymore.
They will have to make a set of graphics , 3 icons and 1 banner. (More details will be given then)
Then, people will vote for the set they like the most.
The winner is, of course, the last icon maker standing :D
NOTE: Please submit your entry with the icon and its URL below it.

Basically one challenge takes up 1 week and voting takes 3 days.
Let's say we start on Monday
Monday-New Challenge is posted
The NEXT MondayVoting is posted
WednesdayVoting ends and results are posted (unless theres a tie-breaker/not enought votes)
RemindersI post 2 reminders a challenge. One in the mid-week(3 days after the challenge is posted) and one in the day before the challenge ends.
If all the participants sent their icons before the deadline, I'll start the voting earlier :)

You vote against 2/1 icon(s) and for 2/1 icon(s).
Reasons are nessesary.
PLEASE give constructive,not destructive, criticism. Guidelines are here

Comeback round
When there are 5(depends on no. of participants) participants left, a comeback round will commence.
The one with the most number of votes get to compete with the other remaining participants.

Affiliates, resources and questions
Wanna affiliate? Comment here.
List of affiliates and resources can be found there as well.
If you have any questions, comment on any post or email your mod at sweetmachinima@hotmail.com

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